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Semiplus Co., Ltd,was founded in 2000 to supply competitive electronic components. Semiplus Co.Ltd., started in business by distributing electronic components for the major market in Korea and is now expanding our marketing efforts to include other technologies for industrial applications that are proven to reduce energy costs that in turn will have a very positive effect on the environment. In 2006 Semiplus Co., ltd., opened a second marketing office in Vietnam to improve our brand recognition and increase our company's position in this very fast emerging market that we consider very strategic for our overall growth strategies for all of Asia. Products sales however, are secondary to establishing a strong support system both for parts and service from our customer service organization and this is one of the major reasons why Semiplus Co. Ltd., has been growing in spite of the recent worldwide economic downturn. In all our business dealings, we always try to put ourselves in the customers position first and if we believe that the proposition is fair and just for both parties, then and only then do we move forward. Based on this fairness attitude, we believe that we will earn your trust and ongoing business for many years in the future..




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82-31-211-5717 82-31-211-4420 Semiplus Bulding, 409-25 Maetan-Dong, Youngtong-Gu, Suwon-City, Kyounggi-Do, Korea